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Hi, I'm Umur Ozkul. Welcome to my profile!

Umur Ozkul's Bio:

Ruby on Rails, Opal Ruby, Coffeescript, React.rb
Elixir & Phoenix, Elm
LISP, Smalltalk, Prolog

Umur Ozkul has experience on over 10 million users per day.

He is proficient at Meta Programming and Genetic Programming. He is a Co-Founder of

As a Technology Futurist, he spots the software development technologies that will be relevant decades later.

Before Publitory, Umur Ozkul has spent a decade on DNA research using Smalltalk.

He has built with 15 million active users in 1998. Umur Ozkul knows scalability.

Before turning into a software developer for life, he has spent a decade as a university teacher trying to decide whether to become a scientist or not. He has a paper published by Stanford University press.

Umur Ozkul has worked in many countries: Germany, France, Spain, India and Netherlands. He knows about intercultural relations.

Umur Ozkul's Experience:

Umur Ozkul's Education:

Umur Ozkul's Interests & Activities:

Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Science Fiction, Literature, Cats, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Music Composition, DNA, Quantum Physics, Artificial Intelligence, 5pm Tea

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